Car Buggy April 2014 SNAG-0007Crazy Driver!

Rhema was a hoot “driving” this cart while I picked up a few groceries!  I so love it that we can learn and talk about things as we shop.  Our favorite area is the fruit and veggie section; we smell, touch and discuss everything we see.  Sometimes things even get licked if I can not get it away from her fast enough!  LOL!  Many items even get little kisses from Rhema as we talk about each item.  I also loved watching her “drive” this buggy all over the store.  She loved it when I would swerve it side to side and make screeching noises when we turned.  I so enjoy each and every moment with her and as she grows it just gets better and better!  She is my constant joy and keeps momma laughing.

In my recent Bible study small group, which is studying about JOY, a statistic was given that kids laugh exponentially more than adults do on a daily basis.  I do not have the figure at hand right now, but the discrepancy between the two age groups was staggering.  There is so much science linked to the benefits of JOY and laughter both with our physical body and our brain; so all this got me to thinking.  I’ve been observing my little “bundle of JOY”, Rhema, and have noticed that she laughs quite a lot of the day.  So, I’ve made a commitment to myself that Rhema will be my little “Joy-o-dometer” and I will learn from her.  If she is laughing, I will pay attention to it and laugh along with her.  I will let her teach me about the joys of life that as an adult I may have grown accustomed to.  Ya’ll, it’s been revolutionary to my daily mental  life; I know it can only be also helping me physically as well.

So, I extend out a challenge to all who read this little blog about our little Rhema girl — choose to watch children in your life and laugh when they do.  Choose to allow yourself to focus on the silly, focus on the sudden pleasures and even allow yourselves to get messy sometimes in the process.  As I’m experimenting with this “JOY Journey” I keep hearing the scripture about “coming as little children…..” and I think, Jesus expressed this concept too in how He lived.  He told the disciples not to hinder the children coming to Him.  I’m thinking, if Jesus paid attention to little kids around Him, there just might be something to that, you know?  So, think about beginning your own Joy Journey and if you do, I’d love to hear what you experience…. email, message or text me.  I think you will be surprised, as I have been, at how it impacts the daily grind.  So, in short, allow the little-ones in your life to wind up your giggle-box and LOL the day away.  You will be happy you did!