Doesn’t Everyone Kiss Their Watermelon?

Rhema is progressing so well with eating different textures and trying new things!  This past week we got a small watermelon, put it in the refrigerator to chill it and then let her play with it.  Yep, that is a picture of her giving the watermelon a “sugar”!  Doesn’t everyone kiss their watermelon before tasting it?  LOL!

  It was a great learning experience: we talked about it’s temperature (cold), it’s shape (round), it’s color (green), we smelled it (sweet smell) and then we sliced it in half and talked about the new colors, etc…..   Rhema really enjoyed it and intently studied everything I did.  She did eat some of it after a while of exploring the texture and squishing it on her tray.  Rhema loves to learn and is always very attentive when we introduce new things.  I love that about her!