Rhema enjoyed all the sites and sounds of a boatyard after her PT Sessions.  After all the hard work of physical therapy is done for the day, I always reward Rhema with some fun, like watching boats come in and out of the harbor or going to a nearby beach and watching all the birds, people and fun.  She really enjoys all the scenery and talks so much about all she sees.  While we sat on the bench pictures above several fish jumped out of the water and she got very excited!  We saw many birds flying overhead and she loved seeing all the boats!

Rhema did really well during her PT session and Therapeutic Dance Class.  She showed huge interest in a small slide in the PT room so her therapist took advantage of her enthusiasm and taught her how to climb the steps up the slide, hold on to the rail and sit to slide!  It was awesome to see how excited and happy Rhema was to slide on that little slide!   As I watched Rhema’s little legs and feet being guided up the steps, I realized that it was the first time Rhema had experienced stepping up steps.  Wow!  She’s 27 months old and never stepped up steps before.  We were at a park recently and I watched so many kids, much smaller than Rhema, running up steps and sliding down with out help.  It always hurts my heart watching kids do things I wish Rhema could do, but it hit hard watching Rhema’s PT trying to hold Rhema’s weight and still moving Rhema’s little legs up those steps.  During those times, when the reality of my baby girls current limitations, I have to really internally encourage myself that it will not always be this way.  One day there will be a day when Rhema will climb up those steps herself, slide herself and then walk back around and do it again.  I have to have faith that it will happen and we just have to keep giving her opportunity with awesome folks, like her therapist, to help strengthen those muscles she has and help Rhema learn how to use the body that she has–even if it means with some limitations.  My prayer is that one day she will not have ANY limitations and for that day, I pray incessantly.  But for now, we address the situation present before us now, and when I look at the amazing team we have working with Rhema, I know she will be given every opportunity to succeed!