How can one look at a human spine and all it’s wondrous complexities and still contend that there was no Designer,  that there is no God?

Above is a wonderful, pictorial resource to learn about the human spinal column and what happens when it’s damaged due to injury, specifically, Spina Bifida.  Rhema’s spinal opening occurs at the L3/L4 region of her spine.

   If ever anyone of our prayer warriors would like to know specific prayer targets for Rhema — make your list from the above chart.  We pray for Creative Miracles for our precious girl everyday, all the while, walking in the reality the day sets before us.

It’s not denial, it’s FAITH.  There is a fine-line between denial and Faith.  We walk this line daily.  We will not waver, nor falter to cling to our FAITH and BELIEVE that the above information will not be Rhema’s future reality for her entire life.  Join with us, will you?

Blessings to you all our family and friends, who pray!