Wind Blowing In Her Hair… Listening To Ocean Crash On The Beach….Corn On A Stick—Awesome Moment!

It’s been such cold, dreary weather after PT we’ve not gone toward the ocean in several weeks, but on this day it was BeaUtiful weather!  The wind was really blowing, but it was worth the little chill to sit near the ocean and see the surf for an hour!  Rhema loved listening to the birds and seeing the kites flying nearby.  My meal came with a corn on a cob and Rhema was fascinated with it!  I cut it in half and handed it to her and she began tentatively nibbling it, but after a while she chowed down!  Since then she has asked for “corn stick” more than once so I’m going to have to get some corn and put it on a stick for my little Princess soon I think!  LOL!