Rhema had a great time at Hippo-therapy!

She is doing so well when they reposition her to the sides and facing backwards.  Rhema still will not say “go” and “stop” while riding; maybe one day she will.  She does it all the time at home while playing with her toys and her two small stuffed horses.  It’s so funny that she just clams up while riding the horse.

This week the therapist added one more interesting component to her therapy– they allowed the horse to go fast while Rhema was riding while facing forward.  It’s all very controlled and it’s done in short bursts; they count to three and then all the folks holding on to her start off in a run and allow the horse to run.  The “run” only lasts about 10 seconds, then they slow the horse and then they all stop.  The first time they did it Rhema’s eyes were huge!  I was so proud of her that it did not scare or upset her; she just looked at everyone like “what was that!!!??”  They did this new component three times and the last two times I was able to position myself ahead of them so I could watch her face to be sure Rhema looked okay.  She looked startled, but okay.  Oh course the therapist and the other helpers all made funny noises and faces which made it fun too. She even smiled when they did it the third time!   Sometimes she just shocks me at what she can do!  Yea Rhema!

PS. Pray for Mommy, watching my baby ride a fast moving horse is a little scary for me.  I stay right with them, trailing the horse during the whole lesson, but sometimes it just overwhelms me seeing my teeny little girl doing all this.  I fully trust her therapist and the team working with her, but believe me, I still pray for additional angels to walk with us to help keep her safe.  Join me in that prayer, will ya folks? 😉