Rhema was so good while Mr. Bill made the molds for Rhema’s new braces, i.e. her “helper shoes”!

Rhema has grown so much and her current AFOs are so tiny on her legs, we decided to back up the date to October from November.  Mr. Bill was very surprised at how much she’s grown and said that she REALLY needed new braces and was glad we acted when we did.  Rhema has become so much more aware since the last time we’ve done this so I was a little concerned if she would fuss and flail about, but to my surprise, she sat still like an angel and only put up a small whine as protest.  Bill thought her protest sounds were funny and she just sat still and made high pitch whiny noises as she watched Bill do the molds. We pick out a pattern with stars for her new pair  of “helper shoes” and, of course, they will have pink straps.  Oh, as a side note,  I settled on the title of “helper shoes” after really thinking about what I would want her to call the things she has to have on her feet at all times.  Braces and AFOs are two technical terms I will teach her later, but while she is a child, I thought the idea of “helping” would be a good, educational concept.  Rhema will actually say “helper shoes” and while putting them on I explain these “shoes” will HELP her to step, walk, jump, go fast, dance, etc….

As we’ve known, Rhema’s legs have developed quite a severe rotation which must be addressed in November when we go to clinic. Bill noted the big change and said that it is a normal progression with kids when they grow and have Spina Bifida.  He also said that he was concerned the rotation on one leg was coming from Rhema’s hip, which was NOT what we wanted to hear, and might require much higher bracing in November.  We had a lengthy discussion with Bill about the two options we will probably be presented with in November to get his input on the Pros and Cons.  Bill is wonderful with Rhema, and is also very adept in discussing all the aspects with bracing and other orthopedic solutions.

So, now we have a HUGE prayer need!  One, our ultimate prayer is Rhema’s legs be healed, as well as her whole body– we have Faith that this will be a reality one day and the sooner the better!  Our second prayer need is, if she is not radically healed by November, that we have clarity of mind and speak when talking with Rhema’s physician team and then also wisdom to discern which solution is BEST for Rhema.  So much of dealing with SB and Hydro’s repercussions is “trial and error”, and I’d love to have the least amount of “error” in our efforts with her.  Having any “error” means that Rhema has to endure pain and/or is further delayed in her development, both of these outcomes are not the BEST for her.  We desire the BEST for her so we covet all of your prayers for us so that we may make those choices that will give her the utmost opportunity to succeed. Thank you all for your continued prayers, encouragement and support you are to our family and to our precious Rhema!  We do not take you for granted and count ourselves richly blessed to have each and every one of you in our corner.

PS. I have to brag on Bill:  On Rhema’s current AFOs the Velcro was no longer holding and, my well meaning hubby, cut two of the fraying straps off too short, so those no longer met the Velcro well. (I’ve learned to be a Master Velcro Repair-Woman, and I have performed surgery several times to keep them wearable.)  Even though Rhema will wear these only two more weeks, we explained to Bill that even with my handy work, the straps did were not holding and also, we were preparing a box with two pairs of Rhema’s AFOs to ship overseas to Missionaries for some children who need braces.  So, even with Bill’s crazy schedule, while we waited, he put all new strapping and Velcro on the braces!  What a HUGE blessing this was and just further confirms that BILL IS THE MAN!