More Stickers for Smiles October 2013 SNAG-0002SMILES!

Yea!  Many, many thanks to my dear friend Joanna and her church folks who donated this huge lot of stickers for our Outreach “Stickers for Smiles!”  We are very excited to keep on getting packs from folks all over and wanted to say, KEEP THEM COMING!

We’d love nothing more than to bring stack and stacks of stickers to Children’s Hospital in December upon Rhema’s last cast removal!  Even with all the undesired medical delays, I’m sort of excited that our Outreach is pushed into the month of December.  Rhema’s hospital stay in December of 2011 is what began our admiration of this wonderful hospital and the wonderful staff there!  We love the idea that we can help contribute to their efforts to bless the children who are there during the month of December…..  It’s rough to be in the hospital during the Christmas season and it’s hard on the parents too.  I remember thinking of all that Rhema was missing out on like parties, seeing Christmas lights, seeing Santa, etc…..  So, I’m excited that we will be helping the folks at Children’s put smiles on all the cute little faces who are stuck in the hospital during the month of December.  And YOU are the ones who are helping, so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your support!!!  Keep those stickers coming!!!