Good to be back in the saddle!

Rhema has missed her Hippo-therapy so much recently due to illness and her hospital visits.  All the folks at the ranch remarked at how much bigger she looked and how much she’s grown.  Rhema seemed very happy to be riding again and did wonderfully!  We are so very proud of her progress.  They’ve added a new exercise where they start and stop the horse abruptly and she has to use her torso muscles to remain upright and sitting.  At first she did not like this too much and would look worried, but now, once they do it once or twice, she gets the hang of it and really is able to use her muscles to keep herself upright!  We are so proud of her progress; this can only help her with her balancing and walking efforts!

Most of the kids are out of school so there were plenty of younger folks riding horses nearby for Rhema to watch.  Her eyes would light up as the many horses riding in the ring would pass her by.  She was very taken by seeing all the new horses and riders and even began bobbing up and down trying to ride like she saw them do!  I think this summer will be a fun time to watch her as she watches all the folks riding around her; last summer she was only 1 1/2 years old and did not observe her surrounding much.  We are blessed so much that the Civitans will pick up her scholarship once again to support her Hippo-therapy!  God is good!  Amen!