Since we’ve last posted our little Princess has turned SIX!  Even as I type this I still get teary eyed thinking how FAST times flies!  Her gorgeous outfit was made by a family friend and ya’ll, you need to call me to get her number!  This lady’s work is second to none; she is so creative!!

Rhema’s big request for her party was a Pinata.  She was so funny with it; she wanted one but did not want to “whack” it.  So mamma found one that had pull strings and all her friends pulled until the candy and toys fell out!  She wanted out of her wheelie fast and crawled around with them gathering up her treats!  Our sweet friend came as assisted Rhema’s guests in making jewelry for each child.  This special lady makes beautiful jewelry of all kinds and you definitely need her number too!  LOL!  Yes we are truly blessed to have such wonderful, talented friends!  When you call them, tell them Rhema sent ya!

Now, this was the 3rd in her string of Birthday parties.  LOL!  On the day of her Birth, just Daddy, Mamma and Rhema went out and had some fun.  Her second party consisted of going to her favorite place, ie. the mall.  Rhema bounced in bounce houses with her cousins, rode the carousel and ended with eating cupcakes and sharing them with perfect strangers!  Yes, that’s how we roll…. sharing love, cupcakes and fun with by-standers who look hungry!  LOL! How can you not?

Annually, on her Birthday, I take a moment to reflect on how her journey began and where she is now.  That reflection this year really, really impacted me.  In 2015 in many ways, I felt we had stalled with much of her progress.  We were continuing all her therapies but just did not see any huge leaps.  Enter 2016 and something clicked!  I cannot wait to detail all the ways she has blossomed!