Just a regular day at PT…. or is it?

Yes, you read the title right — Rhema ran at PT!  Well, sort of…. Let me paint you the picture…. So, we were sitting observing Rhema’s dance class, which was unusually full, and they were going through their songs.  Rhema was VERY excited as there is one little girl she thinks is awesome and this particular little girl was there that day– we will call her Miss M.  Well, Miss. M is always very active and gets all the girls involved with the songs and Rhema loves to watch her.  There is one song they always do and all of the girls were very animated while doing the song.  It came to the part of the song where the girls are to grab an imaginary umbrella and run around the mat in a circle and return to their respective places to continue the rest of the song.  When the cue was given, Miss M. said “Come on Rhema!!” and ya’ll, Rhema, who was sitting on her therapist knee, jumped to her feet and tried to run after her friend who had already begun her lap!  It was awesome!!!  If her therapist did not have a hold of her waist belt/cables I think Rhema would have gotten a few steps and then fallen forward!  We were all so surprised and excited her therapist stood up quickly and grabbed Rhema’s belt and said “lets go!” and together they ran around the mat after Miss M.!!!!  Rhema just laughed and squealed the whole way!  It was so precious to see her respond to little Miss. M’s encouragement; in her mind she is running with the rest of them!  One day, I have no doubt she will….

Rhema is learning to use a walker to help her maintain her balance while walking.  She is doing awesome with it as well; each week we such rapid improvement in her stamina, strength, and coordination.  The last few sessions her therapist has said, “today is the best she has done!”  This past week her therapist said, “I know the last few weeks I’ve said that today is the best she has ever done, and once again today I must say that TODAY the best she has ever done, again!”  Praise the Lord for His hand on Rhema!!!