Big Smile Headed to school blk hat on Feb 2015 SNAG-0002Headed to School!

Rhema continues to excel at her school twice a week!  She loves her teacher and she enjoys going to see the “kids” in her classroom.  Should I be worried that the one person she talks the most about is a little boy?  LOL!  I think it’s because he wears Auburn shirts and she loves her some Auburn football.   Her teacher was very excited in that Rhema will nod to her when she asks a question; for most of the year Rhema would just smile or talk about something else.  We’ve seen some real growth in her recently and are very proud.

The biggest surprise came when Rhema went to OT and Mrs. Erica gave her a HUGE smiley face for all her good work!  Rhema cut some paper with scissors all by herself, put beads on a string and followed directions when asked to do other activities!  Wow!  Rhema was VERY excited about her BIG Smiley Face and so we took a picture to show Daddy, Papa & Gida!  Rhema even gave a kiss to her OT teacher and gave her a cuddle.  WOW!  How far she has come in such a short amount of time!  WOW!

OT big smile from mrs. erica Feb 2015 SNAG-0003