Rhema took this picture herself; thought it was so cute of her……

Rhema has a new Wound Care Team as of today. Her previous group wouldn’t admit to putting Latex on her skin which is what has caused this major setback with her right foot healing.  Last Friday was when the Latex product was put on by a doctors office and by Saturday her foot was fully inflamed. Her condition has worsened and into an infected state. 

Yesterday we saw her Pediatrition  and they started her on antibiotics. She is four doses in currently and we are praying this course will squelch this infection. Her foot is VERY swollen. Her new Wound Care team gave us new wound care materials which we will administer every other day. We will have a follow up with Wound Care next week and if her foot is still swollen we will do a Cat Scan. 

Please join us in praying that the antibiotics will do the trick and get her back onto a healing path. Thanks you guys for all your prayers and support.