Up, Up, Up the Stairs!

Rhema worked so hard with Mrs. Dee-Dee during PT!  It is amazing to see how quickly Rhema learns sequencing, like how to move her hands up the stair rail as she is walking or how to walk into her walker and then turn around to face forward.  Rhema is really a quick study and puts steps together quickly.  We’ve been amazed at her strength and now we are starting to notice more subtle things.  Rhema has some innate sequencing giftings that I know the Lord gave her that will help her along her journey as she learns how to use all parts of her body to walk safely and securely.

Rhema loves the slide!  Every week we walk and “go find it” so she can practice climbing the steps and then slide down.  When we go to the play ground that is the first thing she spots!  I think it is because she can “go fast” that she likes it so much!  Yep, my little “need for speed” girl is a rebel just like her Momma!