PT Walking June 2014 SNAG-0010New Straps & New Start

Rhema began back at PT last week!  We were so happy to see our friends again and get Rhema back up moving.  She is very weak still and is not moving her legs and feet like she was doing before her surgery.  It was only her first day, so we are not discouraged, but I was hoping for more movement from her.

PT Climbing Up June 2014 SNAG-0009Up up UP!

Rhema was heading to the ball pit, so she was all smiles!  The pink you see on her legs is the new twister shorts and cuffs around her ankles.  The straps stick to the shorts and the cuffs and wrap around her legs several times, which pull her feet out into a correct walking position.  The shorts are made of “wet-suit” material so when I take them off her she is extremely sweaty under there; drenched in sweat, poor girl.

PT Ball Pit June 2014 SNAG-0008Success!

Rhema was all smiles in the ball pit!

Dance Class June 2014 SNAG-0007Dance Class!

We had a break between PT and Dance where she had a light snack in the van.  Then she was back at it, working hard to stand and follow along as she could.  Rhema is standing at the end of the line with the support of her therapist watching her dance teacher.  Rhema’s cognitive processing issues show the most in dance class.  In dance class the music and motions are quick (even if it’s a slow song) so it’s like her processing cannot keep up with it all.  She smiles from ear to ear the whole time, LOVES the class, and LOVES watching her classmates.  I pray there is a day when she can follow along too like her peers.

Oh, we were saddened to hear that Mrs. Lauren will be moving on to other things and will no longer be Rhema’s dance instructor.  Mrs. Lauren has been soooo patient with Rhema and has the sweetest disposition with the kids.  We hope to see her now and again, and maybe one day Rhema will shock her and actually follow along with her classmates.  Rhema’s new instructor will be Mrs. Roxanne and she was very sweet to Rhema when we met her.

Dance Class In Stander June 2014 SNAG-0006Rhema finished off her class with some time in a stander.  We’ve been concerned with standing Rhema too much as her heels are beginning to show some pressure sores.  We head to Spina Bifida clinic in the next few weeks so Rhema’s buddy Mr. Bill will be adjusting her AFOs to help with the pressure points on her heels.  I’m praying that he can pin-point the issue and correct it the first time so Rhema can safely (without worrying momma) stand and practice walking.   The pressure points may be due to the growth spurt she is having right now; it’s unclear what exactly is the problem but we have confidence that our Mr. Bill will get it fixed.