This month has been a month of awareness about Hydrocephalus.  It has been difficult to go back and see the earlier images of my beautiful, precious Rhema and remembering all the trauma she has gone through as a result of her Hydrocephalus and brain surgeries.  I’ve shed many a tear going back through our archives on our blog, reading in my own words, each post about Rhema’s journey with Hydrocephalus.

I asked myself, “Why do this?  Why reach back into what’s past and re-live it all?”  Why is “awareness” important?  Why remember?”  Yes, the road has been very rough for my precious girl, and for us as her parents if we are honest; so why re-live it and spotlight it through the month of September?  The answer I’ve come up with is simply this:  “remembrance” leads to “encouragement” which leads to”thankfulness”.

In Deuteronomy 6 we see Moses instructing parents to pass on their experiences of being in slavery, of God’s hand of deliverance out of Egypt, through the Red Sea, through the Jordan, etc….  They set up stone towers made of rock in remembrance of the Lord’s provision for them so that it served as a visual representation for future generations.  Those experiences being evoked in song and story passed from generation to generation were of great value, they served to remind folks of where they came from, how GREAT their God was, is and forever will be as He is “THE GREAT I AM”,  and it fostered a heart of gratitude.  It was encouraging to the next generations to hear how their God had saved, provided and protected them.

“Awareness” months, ribbons and events pale in comparison to the stone towers erected by such giants in the Faith like Moses and Joshua , but they do give us pause and the opportunity to reflect and remember.  Seeing the pink ribbon reminds us to pray for women we know fighting for their lives against breast cancer.  Seeing the golden yellow ribbons reminds us to pray for children (too many children) who are fighting for their lives and warring against childhood cancers– of which 7 will loose that battle daily and go to be with Jesus.  Seeing the blue ribbons during the month of September cause us to stop and pray for the folks we know and love who have Hydrocephalus– like our precious Rhema.

Pausing to remember and pray is not my only goal for this “Awareness” month.  My secondary, and perhaps mostly for myself, is to remember where God as brought us from and through.  He has brought us through each storm, each trial, each time when I thought I could not endure one more moment–He not only brought us through, but walked it WITH us.  Side by side, tear by tear, moment by moment–He was there.  He is my “Great I AM”!  When I remember all these things it brings me to a place of thankfulness.  I’m thankful He is “One that stick closer than a brother”.  I’m thankful He is “a sure foundation”.  I’m thankful He is my “very present help in times of trouble”.  I’m thankful He is my Savior, my Rock, my Foundation….  I’m thankful for my family who has and still stands by us in these storms.  I’m thankful for my hubby who is still at my side when so many “dads” wimp out and run when the going gets rough.  I’m thankful for all of YOU, our precious friends and family who pray!  And I’m immensely, eternally,  infinity and beyond, thankful for  every moment the Lord has given me with my Rhema.  She is a treasure and I’m so thankful He has kept her safe through it all.

Amen & Amen