Sweet Butterfly Kisses… where are you?

Rhema and I arrived at Hippo-therapy to find Butterfly Kisses was being difficult to catch in the pasture!  Now, I’m not known to be very punctual…Okay, I’ll just say it…I’m ALWAYS late… It’s not something I’m proud of.  In reality I hate that I’m always late to everything; I struggle with it, but the clock always seems to win.  Anyway, we were late to Rhema’s lesson and when we got there it was so funny because the horse was not wanting to work that day and was giving Rhema’s therapist a work out! LOL!

But Rhema just sat there so sweetly, taking in the beautiful weather and breeze that was blowing through the trees. I snapped this picture of her sitting so patiently waiting for her horsy to come to work.