Rhema Wheelchair Pnut Lady Nov 2013 SNAG-0023The Peanut Lady!

Twice in the last few weeks we’ve taken Rhema to the mall to get some practice with her chair.  Not that she needs much practice; I’m chasing her at this point!  We always come in the same entrance and Rhema rolls right over to see the Peanut Lady sculpture and talks all about it: “she has a hat, she has a flag, look at her pretty purple dress…”

Then Rhema rolls over to this other store that had costume jewelry laid out in trays that are on a table at eye level for Rhema.  She proceeds to look at all the sparkly jewelry and touch everything.  Thankfully the shop owner has not complained at us yet, but he keeps a watchful eye on us while Rhema touches each sparkly item.   Then we take her on down to where ever we are heading.  It’s been wonderful to see her learn to turn and maneuver like a pro!  Now we are working on getting her to obey and follow us and not jot out on her own after something that catches her eye!  LOL!  Just your typical three year old stuff, but just with a kid in a wheelchair!  I’m loving having her independent and having the opportunity to do typical kid stuff!  It’s for sure a learning curve for me and for her, but we both are adapting well and loving all the fun along the way!!!!