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Okay, so knees on carpet, prayer times needed this week….. Rhema’s Orthopedic Surgeon is on permanent medical leave so Rhema must find a new doctor to see to her surgical needs.

First and foremost, we ask for prayer for her former physician.  He is a wonderful man with a wife and small daughter and has become very sick where he as had to leave his practice.  We are unsure of the details, but ask you to storm the heavens for his healing and protection for whatever has come upon his body.  We’ve been praying overtime since we’ve gotten this news a few weeks ago….. So, we ask all our prayer warriors, when you lift Rhema up, please pray for him as well.

Now that being said, we are interviewing two new physicians this week.  We have to find the next Rhema Team member that God has set out before us, discern who that person is and seek his next-steps on Rhema’s care of her legs and feet.  Most of you know we’ve been in a holding pattern since September and to move forward we have to find who can fill the large shoes left behind from Rhema’s previous Ortho Surgeon.  We’ve done much research, made many calls and have spent many hours in prayer and have settled on interviewing two guys.  This is where ya’ll come in…. please pray we have clear discernment and have wisdom in asking all the needed questions to help us determine who is the best fit for Rhema.   We have every confidence that we will hear the voice of the Lord and know who He has chosen to assist our Rhema.

On the Ortho topic alone the Lord has recently help us twice in the last months with knowing how to proceed with her care.  We heard clearly that her surgery should not proceed, but rather wait and then two weeks later, her surgeon left on emergency medical leave.  If we had proceeded with the surgery, Rhema would have not had her surgeon with her while still having metal pins in her legs.  Also, when it came to the last casting appointment, I felt the need to delay it by two weeks and exactly 48 hours before her first casts was to be applied, we got the news that her surgeon had left his practice permanently.  Now, yes, in either situation they would have just shifted us to another doc, but we would not have had OUR surgeon with the laid out course of action and medical plan.  So, we’ve been obedient to the Lord’s leading and prompting thus far, so we KNOW THAT WE KNOW we will hear His leading concerning Rhema’s next physician.

We thank you all in advance for your prayers and will post towards the end of week with the awesome news of what the Lord has done!