Rhema has done so well these last few weeks with her casts.  She went to Wonder Woman Celebration day. 

Then we did manage to get her to a Fall Festival for a few games. 

And her biggest fun came yesterday when her Uncle Jerry and Aunt Ann gave her funds to purchase a WILD THING ride-on that’s he aptly named RHEMA’s Wild Ride! 

It took about an hour and we were chasing her all over the yard!  This is was such a fun day for her and such a JOY for us to watch her “running” all over the property outside in the fresh air!  I cannot say how meaningful it was to our family to have the resources to make her Saturday AWESOME on the cusp to heading back into another surgery. 

Monday morning Rhema will have a another surgery where they will do an osteotomy of her right foot. This was an issue they discovered two weeks ago when they did the double oteotomy of her legs. We are not happy about another surgery but know it’s a necessity to have her foot braceable. So it’s an additional OR with two more times under Anethesia and with bone graft and metal pins. Please pray in the morning for our girl!  She is okay with it and just takes everything in stride. I’m always amazed at how much peace she possesses at age 6!  Mamma is still working, moment by moment to stay in that same place of Peace. 

We will post in the morning as things go so you all can know how she does. Thank you all for your continued support, encouragement and prayers.