Rhema rested great last night! She slept in her bed and did not wake up once. She ate her bottle this morning and is back resting for a morning nap. I think she is still tuckered out from all the ordeal of the last few days.

Her shunt area looks great too! It is so strange not to see a huge mass of fluid on the side of her head and on her chest. She’s had that since the NICU and I’m just accustomed to monitoring it for size and tightness. It’s such a relief not to see it there! Wow!

Thank you for your continued prayers about no infection and no issues with debris in the tubing. Please pray continued protection too that she does not get what I have. I was up and down several times coughing but do feel like it’s getting better. There is no fever now, just congestion and coughing. I’d love for that to go away so I could sleep straight through like a baby too. 🙂

Blessings upon blessings to you all for your prayers and support.