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Momma & Rhema Beautified!

Wow!  It’s been a MONTH since I’ve last been able to do a post! Whew!  Yes, we’ve been a little busy!

Quick Updates…..

Momma began a small part time job, which turned into a brief stent of a FULL time job when my boss broke his foot!  Nothing like being thrown into the deep end three weeks into a new, small, part time gig and then BAM! you are needed full time for about 5 weeks!  So, I’m in recovery now and trying to get settled back into life as “normal”……well, as normal as our life ever is….

Never fear, even in our absence we’ve taken hundreds of pics of Rhema and have much to update you all about…..She’s gotten new braces, been on some adventures, and has added an additional speech therapy to insisting speech therapy  for the summer.  We are really targeting her “elicited response” challenges to get her prepped for the Fall school.  Rhema will repeat the little classes she had last year (with the same teachers); we are excited about her having one more opportunity in a familiar setting to solidify some good foundations before spring boarding forward into the next grade.

Oh, and mommy had an adventure where 2 days after the intense work period stopped (and momma was still physically, emotionally and mentally spent) she attended a  3 day Home-school conference!   LOL!  I woke up the morning of the conference, vomited and was sick for about 4 hours, got in the car, drove 2 hours and was able to make the last workshop of the day.  My brain was like jello, but I still went  and was able to learn so much!  Met some wonderful folks and am all jazzed up to learn more!

For now let me say Rhema is doing over all fine; she is continuing with all her therapies and each day we see her growing both physically and cognitively.  She’s had a brief sabbatical from PT due to momma’s intense work schedule and then wounds on her feet that we’ve been nursing for about 3 weeks now.  Ugh!  No medical intervention needed for wound care this go around; we feel like we are past the worst of the danger.   A minor would for Rhema can last up to a month on Rhema’s lower extremities due to the lack of innervation.  We take any wound very seriously and thank the Lord these have just take a turn for the better or it would have been off to Medical Wound earlier in this week.  Whew!   This week she’s giving us a few scares with her VP Shunt sputtering; we are currently on “yellow alert” while we monitor her to see if all these episodes of  shunt swelling, decreased appetite and vomiting is all leading up to something or is this just unrelated kid stuff that just happen to happen all in the same week.   Sigh, this is always the hard apart concerning having a child that is medically fragile; little things can be nothing or can be signs of something big.  Lots of additional prayer is happening in the house this week.

Oh, and the last quick update — Rhema is going to be an AUNT!  Any day now, Rhema’s brother and wife are going to have a little boy named Liam!  We are excited beyond measure and Rhema will love seeing the baby.  She is just now noticing babies and will say, “awwwe, sweet baby” and then will gently pat their heads if she is brave enough in the moment.  Many, many, many pictures will be taken and shared when Rhema becomes an “Aunt”!

Well, I hope to catch up on quick posts the next week to share some cute pics and more details about Rhema’s journey that I’ve been unable to post.  Blessings to you all and we thank you for texting and calling to check in with us during our absence from posting.  Have a blessed weekend!