PT Standing with Straps June 2014 SNAG-0003Rock and step….rock and step…..

Rhema was back at it this week working with her twister straps.  I’m still working on getting the items needed to decorate the new loaner walker and even with her regular walker she showed better form just holding on to her therapist’s arms.  They were headed to the much coveted BALL PIT so Rhema was very focused trying to walk over to it.

PT Made It To Ball Pit June 2014 SNAG-0002Big Smile!

The picture may be blurry, but there is not mistaken the BIG smile she had on her face once she was close to the ball pit.  Rhema practiced sitting and standing about 20 times to exercise her quads before getting the reward of a few minutes in the ball pit.  We are still working on getting the new straps like we need them on her legs so they pull her feet outward into correct walking position, but do not cause her to hunch over from being too tight.  It’s an art form really each time to get the right about of tension but not over do it where it makes it even more difficult to walk.  Oh, the joys of twister straps….

PT Dance Mrs Lauren Bye Bye June 2014 SNAG-0005Bye Bye Sweet Friend…

We said farewell to Mrs. Lauren, Rhema’s first dance teacher, and had a little party with her and all the kids.  Mrs. Lauren is a lovely young lady  who has such patience with all the kids plus has a precious, kind disposition while teaching.  I’ve never seen her get frustrated, roll her eyes or even take a tone with any of the kids; and there is many a kid who has been overly active or even been defiant while in class.  We were so blessed to have Mrs. Lauren be Rhema’s first teacher!!!