Rhema Practicing Her Moves In Dance Class!

Above Rhema is pictured practicing for the “ballet” portion of her recital coming up next month!

Rhema did really well at PT this past week!  I’ve got a video coming of her stepping with a walker that I hope to post soon!  She still required lots of help to stand up and weight bear to walk, but she is getting the idea.  November will be here soon and after clinic we will have a better solution for her legs to help keep them turned straight.  Everyday we work to keep her moving toward the goal of walking and she seems really interested in doing so.  Several times a week she asks to see the video of herself walking toward her Aunt Rarah (it’s under “Be The Miracle”) and she asks to “walk” a lot when are at home.  It’s really hard on our backs to let her “walk” as we have to bend over, hold her by her arms, lean her forward enough for some weight bearing for her and the rest we must bear, and then keep a pace where she can lift her feet up to step.  She enjoys doing it and we want to encourage it; soon we hope to transition her to a gait trainer.

After her PT we always take her somewhere fun to give her new experiences!  This week we had her Papa with us!

Rhema loved watching all the boats!  It was a beautiful day so we got to see MANY boats coming and going!