Aquatic Therapy is a HUGE part of our Summer!

Rhema LOVES to swim!  Swimming and the freedom of movement that it brings is so amazing for her; it’s wonderful to see her little legs moving so effortlessly in the water.


Mrs Sharon is so wonderful with Rhema each year!


Rhema conquered her fear of the chair lift going into and out of the pool.  We are so proud of her!!!


This is Jill; she was Rhema’s Physical Therapist.  Jill brought Rhema so far in such a short time.  The biggest things we learned from her is transitions; Rhema can now transition from her wheelie to a bench and also get out of her wheelie herself down to the floor.  Honestly, this mamma’s spine/back has a lot of LOVE for Jill!  Jill challenged the patterns I’d gotten into with moving Rhema and I’m VERY grateful to her!!!



Yes, this past summer we found a place that did FREE classes of gymnastics for children with physical and mental challenges.  Rhema LOVED it!  It was great movement for her body!  We hope and pray after her surgery that we can get her back involved with gymnastics!


Mrs. Kahrissa was so patient with Rhema at gymnastics!  We are so sorry to hear she is moving soon, but am thankful for the time we had with her!