Many thanks to the Miracle League for inviting Rhema to their free night of fun at a local water park.  They were so gracious to include her even though she has not playing with a team yet. We are all looking forward to her playing T-ball with the Tot’s Baseball Team in the fall!

Rhema enjoyed the slide in the kiddie pool area and loved watching all the kids splash around.  The water was too cold, so when she started shivering I decided to get us both out and see what other fun we could find.

There is this huge wave pool that was much warmer.  I was concerned she would not like the waves; boy, was I wrong!  She loved all the waves crashing into us and she would kick her feet and squeal!  I had the most fun watching her kick and splash.

Once the waves stopped I put her down to crawl around in the 3 inches of water we were sitting in and she took off crawling heading for the deep end! I was right there to pick her up, but it was funny to see her face register that the water was getting deeper the more she crawled.  I bent over and scooper her up and she wiggled and wiggled trying to get back to the water.  It was so precious to me, a memory I will never forget, how she kept smiling and kissing me while playing in the water.  She doesn’t know how to say “thank you” or to express verbally “I’m having so much fun!”, but her smiles, hugs and kisses made her feelings clear.  So sweet!

The sun was way down and we needed to head home for her dinner, but I decided to wait for one more round of waves.  This time she was a “pro” at this wave pool and she would dive forward, almost out of my arms, toward the waves and with both hands and feet flailing, splash into the oncoming wave.  She shrieked and splashed the entire time; it was so difficult holding her strong little torso!  I was so proud of her being so adventurous!  Who knew we had a little dare-devil on our hands?  🙂

We are hoping in a few weeks to return to the water park with her cousins.  I’m looking forward to watching her enjoy those waves.  A flood of pictures, pun intended, will be forth coming I’m sure after that trip!

We hope you enjoyed seeing our “water-logged” girl. Lately, there has been too many hospital/doctor pictures and not much “just fun” pictures.  So, we thought you would all enjoy these…. 🙂  Blessings to you all our precious friends and family who pray!