Rhema continues to work hard during her PT sessions!

Her physical therapist noted this week that Rhema was much more relaxed and attentive than she’s ever seen before.  Rhema allowed her arms to be moved without tensing up and seemed to just be more alert with her movements.  I’ve noticed lately that she appears to be more confident in moving and allowing folks to help her move.  She loves to “step/walk” and if we can get her stamina up for weight bearing we feel like she will just take off soon.  We are so amazed at her spirit and her pleasant attitude with all these medical folks in her life, plus all the trips we take everywhere for therapy, appointments and equipment changes.  She sure is a road warrior!

Soon the pink “dancing pants” seen here will be replaced with twister cables.  Momma is not too happy about having to go to metal rods, cabling and a waist belt to keep her little girl’s legs straight, but it is a necessary move.  Our prayer is that Rhema will only have to deal with the additional metal cables for less than a year and during that time we can get surgical intervention.  I must say, I’ve been real upset about the thought of such a drastic, intensive surgery anytime in my baby’s near future…. It makes it difficult for me to breath when I think of it….nevertheless, to give Rhema a hope of walking her legs/feet must be corrected.  If the rotation continues it can negatively impact her knees and hips.  In November we will be meeting with Rhema’s medical team to have these discussions.  The “now” best step we’ve concluded is for the metal cables.  As much as I’m not happy about it, I agree it is our best option for the time being.

Please continue to pray for us, her parents, as we prep for Rhema’s November appointment; much research, reading, council and PRAYER is being done so we are the most prepared to have an intelligent conversation with her medical team.  We covet your prayers on all points so we can make the best decisions for our Rhema.  Blessings to you all, our precious family and friends who pray….