Momma’s Hat!

This pic was too cute not to share.  Rhema loves to “hooold” hats and momentarily placeing them on her head.  We are hoping by fall she will be more keen on leaving them on her head so we can keep her warm this winter.

Oh, and the title of this post uses a word, “cute-itis” that we hope one day will make it into her medical chart.  With Rhema in and out of the hospital frequently we are asked at least three times a day the same questions by the nurses while verifying the info in her chart.  To amuse ourselves, as well as lighten the mood of some nurses, we’ve invented several “conditions” Rhema has: Cute-itis, Adorable-itis and Beautiful-itis.  When we warn the nurses about these “contagious” conditions that they could catch from Rhema, we always get a smile and a giggle from the nurses.  Most say they’d love to catch that from her!  We always encourage them to add these “conditions” to her diagnosis in her chart, but thus far I don’t think we’ve been successful.  If we ever are successful in getting one of them to write it into her chart I will take a picture and post it!  😉