Walk N Roll Rhema October 2013 SNAG-0009

Walk N Roll Princess!

Our family attended this year’s Walk N Roll for Spina Bifida this past weekend.  This year we did not have a formal/large team, however we did fund raise a little and were able to donate $200+ dollars to the Spina Bifida Association of Alabama.   We always enjoy this event, but since this year we really did not have a team, plus we all were really overtaxed physically, mentally and emotionally from our busy week, we considered not going.  However, in the end we decided it was worth the investment of time and resources; so we got up at 5am and drove the two hours up for this wonderful event.  There are very few times in our daily lives that we are surrounded by folks who know EXACTLY what road we are walking with our child, so to attend an event where ALL folks participating share your experience– it’s worth the drive.  I enjoyed seeing my fellow “mommas-in-arms” and seeing all their beautiful children!  How so many of them have grown up and changed so much from last year!  WOW!  We had a lovely day together as a family and Rhema LOVED it!

Walk N Roll 2013 2 friends October 2013 SNAG-0010Two Spina Bifida Warrior Princesses!

This little Princess is a buddy of Rhema’s from north Alabama; I’m hoping as Rhema gets older they will be good friends as they are of similar age.  Rhema really noticed this year all the “wheelies” around and pointed them out as folks rolled by.  Everyone remarked how well Rhema rolls about and they all loved her wheelchair and new spoke guards.  Much of the “walk” Rhema did roll her chair by herself and since the event is at a Zoo there were plenty of opportunities for her to rest while looking at all of the animals.

Walk N Roll 2013 Lady Bug Hand October 2013 SNAG-0008A Ladybug!

Rhema is still not too keen on folks painting on her face yet, but she did allow them to paint a ladybug on her hand!  Hey, it’s progress!  She loved her ladybug and talked about it all day!!

Walk N Roll 2013 Train & Daddy October 2013 SNAG-0007Daddy & the Train!

We all road the train before we left and Rhema loved it!  Daddy got many hugs and kisses while riding!

Walk N Roll 2013 Lady Bug Momma & Rhema October 2013 SNAG-0006Is there a ladybug on my face??!!

The face painters painted a lady bug on my face first so Rhema could watch and then painted the ladybug on Rhema’s hand.  On the way home I was making funy faces at Rhema in my passenger-side mirror and she loved seeing my ladybug.  I took my camera and did a reverse shot of both of us which I think turned out pretty nice!  We had a really fun day!!!

Walk N Roll 2013 Trophy & monkey October 2013 SNAG-0005A Trophy!

When we got home Rhema held her Walk N Roll trophy and showed it to her Papa and Gida!  Her companion in the photo is the monkey she picked out from the gift shop at the Zoo. LOL!

We look forward to next year’s Walk N Roll and plan on having a BIG team!  So, mark your calendars for October 2014 and dust off your walking shoes!  Team Rhema Miracle wants YOU to Walk N Roll with us in 2014!