Wagon for Repair Dec 2013 SNAG-0010One Of Our Wagon In Triage…

Hey, ya’ll, we’ve not forgotten about our 2014 Wagon Drive for Children’s Hospital.  As a matter of a fact, while at Children’s we saw several of our wagons in the corral and also one in need of repair outside the Volunteer office.  We examined our “sick” little wagon to notice that it was written on by some of the kids that have rode in it!  How cool is that!  It had names on it and even the date of a child that was transported in it!  I love that our wagons are being used and that kids are enjoying them!!!  Rhema loved riding in them while at clinic!  It was funny in that I had to wheel her wheelchair beside her because she wanted to ride in the wagon, not her chair!  Wagons are truly a blessing and a fun part of a not-so-fun-place.

Now, we’ve not yet set the dates for our Wagon drive for 2014 as we may push it a little later in the year to accommodate for Rhema’s big surgery….

BUT, we wanted to get it on ya’ll’s radar……

If you see ANY wagons over the Christmas holiday or after Christmas sales, go ahead and get them as we WILL be doing another drive this coming year! 

Please, tell your friends, your families, your churches, your civic groups! 

Type keyword “Wagon” into the Rhema Miracle search field on her site at www.rhemamiracle.com!

You can see all the excitement & fun from last year’s Wagon Outreach Drive!

We would love to double our wagon total from last year and deliver a whopping 24+ wagons in 2014!

Together We Can “Be The Miracle: And Bring The Fun”!

Let’s Do This!