1/2 Box Of Kleenex and Still Sneezing!

Well, things do not always go as planned…. We were so close to our departure day for our big Children’s trip.  Rhema was seeing one member of her medical team to discuss some bowel management concerns and then we were also going to finally get her “helper shoes” adjusted where they are coming apart and also leaving blisters on her feet.  Plus, while on our Birmingham trip we were going to have the big added bonus of going to Children’s and presenting our wagons.  However, last night Rhema began to run a low grade fever and began coughing and sneezing.  Poor kid, today she has sneezed non-stop and every time she does I’m wiping “yuckies” from her nose.  So, we’ve made the hard decision to postpone everything until next week so Rhema is well and does not pass it along to other children.  It’s disheartening, but we feel it is the best thing so Rhema is well and can enjoy the trip to see all her friends at Children’s.

Please say a prayer that she recovers quickly from this new development.  I’m so tired, as I know she has to be, of her being sick with these respiratory illness; she has just finished her antibiotic from having strep throat and the flu a few weeks ago.  We will be watching this closely to insure this does not travel to her lungs or affect her ears and will keep everyone updated on her condition.

Also, please keep watching Rhema’s site as we will continue posting more of our Wagon Outreach pictures and stories up until our new delivery day.  There has even been some recent, surprise blessings added onto our Wagon Outreach that I cannot wait to share with all you guys!  Have a blessed week and stay tuned!