The Rhema Miracle Outreach: “Show Some Love” Event has lots of wonderful helpers!

Introducing Scout Troop 38 of the Wiregrass!
Troop 38 has a rich history; it has been established for the last 60 years in the Wiregrass Region!  On our event day we had 22 participants show up on a Saturday to build 11 wagons for Children’s Hospital!

This was my first experience being around any Boy Scout Troop and I must say I was SO VERY IMPRESSED with all these young men!  Every young man I met was very polite and very helpful; they even helped unload all the bags from my van and then when the event was over, they helped me reload my stuff before leaving!

They all worked together and were very efficient in their teams.  When they completed a wagon they wheeled it up front of the auditorium and then picked up the next box and went back to their team and began again.  It was such a pleasure for our family to meet these young men & to share Rhema’s story with them and their parents.