Nana Hospital May 2014 SNAG-0006“We’ve got to Pray for Nana…”

Ya’ll, my little girl is already a little prayer warrior!  Rhema’s great grandmother, Nana, was in the hospital for about two weeks.   During Nana’s stay we took Rhema twice to see her and both times we prayed for Nana before we left.  Apparently this left a big impression on her and many, many times during those two weeks Rhema would randomly say, “we need to pray for Nana…she laying in the bed…”.  Now, Rhema is already big into prayer; like, if she hurts her finger she will say, “You pray for it” and will wait patiently until I pray for her little boo-boo.  But, this thing with Nana was really cute to me.  One morning I went to wake her up and she sat up in bed and before saying anything else she said, “We need to pray for Nana, she is sick in bed….”.  ANYTIME, this kid asks for prayer or to pray, we stop what we are doing and pray.  It is so precious to me that she does this and we love that at an early age she will learn to the power of prayer.  How precious to  Jesus must her little heart be that is inclined toward prayer; I cannot wait until she, herself comes to know her Savior Jesus and learns to pray.  What joy fills my heart to think of that day!