Happy Valentine’s Day?

Going to the Pediatrician’s office is not how we like to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but nevertheless, here we are.  Rhema’s Grandma Sandy was gracious enough to ride along with us so Rhema did not have to sit in a germ infested waiting room; when they called Rhema’s name, I went and got Rhema out of the van, where she and Grandma were playing, and went straight back to the doc’s room.  Rhema sat so sweetly and played with her toys from her purse and she likes to use the “bowl” above as a boat or a pool!  One day she will see these pictures and say, “Momma you let me play with a pee-pee bowl!” LOL!  It’s a new, unused one of course; but every time she see’s in at the doctor’s office she asks to “HOLD IT!”  I guess it’s just being in doctor’s offices and hospitals so much we’ve become quite adept at being imaginative with anything that could potentially be a play-toy.

We saw our buddy Doc Craig and he found that Rhema’s ears have excess fluid and one is trying to becoming infected and that she also has a sinus infection.  So we are now on another “pink” medicine that she gets twice daily in her “squirt squirt” aka. an oral syringe.

Please join us in praying that THIS will be the end of all the respiratory illnesses she will have for a while!  If I count it up I think she has had MAYBE three weeks since the beginning of December until now that she has been well!  That is crazy!  So, we are so tired, as I’m sure she is too, of her being in quarantine and feeling pitiful; poor kid, it’s so hard to watch!  Thank you for standing in prayer in agreement for that, our precious family and friends who pray!  We hope all you guys are having a wonderful Valentine’s day!

Momma got Rhema a Minnie Mouse Valentine cookie before we headed home and after she ate her “noodles” aka. spaghetti, she ate some of her cookie surprise!