Shunt Sputter Dec 2013 SNAG-0000All Better?

Rhema woke up this morning at 4am crying, her shunt was swollen and with obvious pain in her head.  She vomited twice between 5am-7am and was grabbing at her head in pain.  When she has these episodes we have to keep her vertical or at least on an incline, so we held her upright while praying the whole time.   We spoke to the neurosurgeon on-call and got some feedback from him.  This is not our first “rodeo” so, we knew most of what he said and found out what surgeon is on-call this weekend should she need emergency surgery in the next 24-48 hours.  Rhema’s surgeon will be back on-call by Monday which is good to know.   Around 8am the pressure in her head went down and she was able to rest with her daddy in a chair still sitting upright.  They both rested from 8-9:30 and Rhema woke up crying again.  The pressure in her head seemed to be minimal, but she was still fussy.  From 10-2pm my hubby worked on getting her to eat and drink something; during this time I rested.

Currently the pressure is back within normal limits and she is playing. When Rhema has a sputter, we’ve found that the following 48 hours is critical.  If the shunt is malfunctioning, there will be multiple sputters relatively a short amount of time.  If it’s an obstruction that has cleared, then we should not see repeat sputters.  We will watch her closely and if the issue seems to degrade we will be on our way to Children’s.  In the meantime we are waiting, monitoring and praying.  It’s been since December 2011 since we’ve had ANY issues with her Hydrocephalus/shunt.

I cannot stress how critical this is that it just be a little bump in the road and that her current shunt continues to work for her.  If she continues to have issues, she is facing her 4th brain surgery, which comprises the placement of a brand new shunt (incision on her head and abdomen) and once again, put her brain at risk for damage and her body at risk for serious infections.  Please, our precious prayer warriors, pray intently and much for Rhema this weekend.  We are praying that if there is an obstruction that it will clear, if there is a build-up on the shunt’s opening it will supernaturally dissipate and if it’s a valve issue it will miraculously begin working as it should.

We thank you for all your prayers!