Hello, our sweet friends and family who pray…. Rhema had a rough night; she’s been stuck 4 times to get an IV and then also for blood. She rested okay once we got assigned a room (at 3:30am) but she woke up every few hours crying and pulling at her head. We saw her Neuro and he said we are checking her urine and bowel situation to be sure they are not contributing to her shunt issue. If they both check out okay today, and if her shunt is still swollen, he will operate tmw or at latest, Wednesday. 🙁 It’s been 8 months since her last shunt surgery…..we are so hoping and praying this resolves. So, our prayer need is that her swelling goes completely down in the next 24 hours and stays that way perminently. PERMINENTLY! I so don’t want her to have to have surgery again — ever…. Please join us in prayer that this resolves and she becomes stable again. Also, she needs to eat as long as they allow it; she is still not eating like she should – please cover this in prayer too. Thank you so much for all the prayers for our sweet girl….she needs ALL of them now! Blessings to you all and we will post an update soon.