Valentine Weekend Great Upclose Feb 2015 SNAG-0003A Sneak Peek At Valentine Pictures…

I am so sorry ya’ll for the delays in posting.  Momma’s computer was down for 4-5 days and so I have not even done any post since Valentines.  I will get to those soon and update ya’ll on her Dance Event too….

But right now Rhema needs prayers….

Rhema gave us a scare with her Shunt on Monday night when she woke up crying and vomiting.  We were for sure we were headed to Children’s when all of a sudden she began running a fever.  Now, Rhema NEVER EVER EVER runs and fever, even when she should like with an ear infections or an UTI.  So our Neurologist said to get her checked here locally for any other issue.  Rhema’s shunt was swelling off and on, but we felt it was safe to proceed with the local check up.  They found she has Strep Throat and a possible UTI.  They are culturing the UTI for 3 days to determine for sure the “blast count” of baddies that grow.  Rhema, and most kids with nerve damage, ALWAYS have an UTI due to colonization in the bladder so they must determine if the ration is over 100 thousand.  So we’ve been waiting on that report.

In the meanwhile poor kid has bad headaches and tummy aches.  The biggest need for prayer is that we are able to get her meds in her and she not gag and vomit it all up.  It takes sitting with her all day to get her to drink and eat a little, then when we give her the meds her gag reflex kicks in and she looses the meds and all the progress we’ve made at keeping her hydrated.  It’s a really BIG problem.  Please join us in prayer that we will be able to get her meds in her and she will get better soon.

Blessings to you all and thank you for your continued prayers for our precious girl!!!!