Rhema woke up at 4:30am crying, throwing up and a swollen shunt area. She has thrown up 4 or 5xs now and her shunt is still raised up with a bubble of fluid. Her neurosurgeon said that b/c the swollen area has been inconsistent and not rock hard the entire time the situation may resolve itself or be not even related to the shunt. For the last several days we’ve had some difficulty with her bowels so we are going to try to feel if she may have an obstruction which may cause her to throw up. It could be a virus also…. This is all so frustrating when trying to discern what to do…. She is alert and responsive so we are trying to get fluids in her to see if she can keep it down. So, our course of action is to keep her hydrated and watch her shunt area. If she takes a turn for worse we are headed to Children’s, however if she stays stable we will ride it out and pray its not a precurser to a shunt malfunction. Please pray for wisdome for us and healing and protection for Rhema. Thank you much all our sweet friends and family who pray……

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