Church Present Dec 2013 SNAG-0000A Present From Church

We were so disappointed that Rhema could not attend the Children’s Church Christmas party.   However, they were so sweet to send home a present for Rhema to open, which she really enjoyed.

Her shunt is still back and forth.  Sunday she appeared to be out of the woods and then Monday she woke up with it swollen and tight.  The tightness did go down quickly and it just remained puffy on and off through the day.  We consulted with her Neurosurgeon twice and feel we have a good handle on the situation and are very happy to hear that Rhema’s surgery team will be on call all week through Sunday.  So, God forbid, we have to make a trip up there as an emergency, it’s her team who would be receiving us.  The Neuro said this will go either one of two ways:  it will be just a few “sputters”, clear up and go back to normal OR it will fail over time or  fail in the blink of an eye.  Which way this situation will resolve, only time will tell.  In the meanwhile we are trying to “experience” Christmas as much as we can under these stressful circumstances and trying to stay in a place of peace and not get off into worry. We even took Rhema to see Santa tonight and had a wonderful time!  I have pictures to post, I promise soon!

I, momma, am weary of all the challenging medical stuff as of late and am struggling to keep my peace.  I’ve not wrapped one thing and it’s officially Christmas Eve…. and I’m not close to being ready and let me say again, I’ve not wrapped one thing …not. one. thing.  At times I feel like the guy in the movie “Father of the Bride” who finally flips out over hot dogs and hot dog buns in the grocery store!  LOL!  That part was always funny to me, but now seems a little less funny as I “get” how things can build and then one tiny thing pushes you over the edge.  Moral of the story, I’m not going grocery shopping any time soon!  LOL!  No really, I’m soldering-on as any momma does and will maintain my peace in the end.  I know I am stronger than how I feel and all this will not overtake me.  But just in case I have a lapse, some of you please put some “bail” money aside if I do have to go grocery shopping–I may just need it……