Going UP!

Rhema continues to work hard at PT with all of her therapists.  Above she is learning to “step up” and use her legs to push herself up the stairs or up a curb.  Later on she will learn how to do this with her walker or crutches, but right now her PT is working on building up leg strength and introducing the logistics/concept of stepping up higher than the alternate foot.  Rhema is so amazing in that each new task that is presented she just accepts and tries to follow the instruction given to her.  I absolutely love all of her therapists in that they make each new challenge fun and really pay attention to her little voice communicating thoughts and desires even if sometimes they cannot understand what she says.  It’s really funny in that while I am there primarily to observe so that I can mimic the exercises at home performed with Rhema, I find that many times I serve as her “interpreter” as well!  LOL!  Rhema is talking A LOT and adding to her vocabulary more and more each day so my “interpreting” job gets pretty tough some days.  I LOVE hearing her express herself and process the world around her!!!  It is a wonderful perk being her “interpreter”– such a wonderful, unexpected blessing!