Rhema had her “two year old” well child visit to the doctor last week.  She was fascinated with the instruments on the wall and actually tok the doctors stethoscope when he came into to examine her.  He let her play with it and she just sat there quietly, meticulously examining it while he examined her.

With her recent growth spurt she has finally gotten past the 20 pound mark they have been concerned with and she’s surpassed it as is now at 24 lb 6oz!  She’s my overachiever or is it the cookies she’s been eating….hmmmm….  🙂  Her length is above average and her weight is still below average, but when combined she is exactly where she should be in relation to size and weight.  Yea Rhema!  Her ears checked out okay, which was a concern as she had been pulling at them lately, and I was not sure if we had the beginning of an infection.  Praise God there was no infection and the doc said that many times kids just play with their ears—go figure.  All was good to go so she will not be back until her next check up.  Praise the Lord for a good report!!!  Begin Happy Dance- – – NOW!