We’ve arrived and are at our favorite “night-night” house near the hospital. Rhema had requested a “muscle shirt” and mamma found one at a consignment event; she’s worn it for two days!  Yes, we went to dinner with her dressed like that!  

Rhema ate a great dinner and we’ve hydrated her as much as we could before she went to sleep. 

She’s sound asleep and my hubby is sleeping too. I’m up trying to get my mind in a state of rest to catch a few hours of sleep before we have to head to the hosptal. We are first on the surgery schedule so our arrival time is very early. 

Thank you all for your prayers for her surgeon, her OR staff and her nurses and the environments we will find ourselves in over the next 48 hours. Pray for peace and calmness during all the procedures she will have. I’m thankful knowing that there are so many prayer warriors out there who will be calling Heaven to earth Tmw for our girl. 

Gonna attempt to rest. We will update Tmw as things progress.