Rhema Markers Coloring From Holiday Inn2  Jan 2014 SNAG-0006Thank You Hotel Friends For My Markers & Coloring Book!!!

Rhema spends most of her days in her pink recliner, but several times through the day we get her out and put her on the couch to stretch out.  She spends part of her time on her tummy and then on her side.  We got out her markers and coloring book that her Hotel buddies gave her and she had so much fun coloring– the book and her face!  LOL!  I look at her face after she was coloring for a while and I saw the red line on one cheek and a blue line on her other cheek!  Hey, it’s nothing that a little soap and water cannot get off, right?  Rhema had fun and she laid real still for a little while to color, which have her back and legs a good time to stretch.

Rhema Markers Coloring From Holiday Inn Jan 2014 SNAG-0007 SNAG-0000