Knoxville Trip Traveling Toy Oct 2013 SNAG-0000A Table & A New Toy!

Rhema did so well last week on our trip to Tennessee!  We’ve tried to use this table with her chair before but up to this trip she would cry and try to kick it off her lap.  Last week, however, she used it many times during our travels! Yea Rhema!  She played for hours with this little shoe house I bought at a thrift shop a few months back.

Knoxville Trip sign Oct 2013 SNAG-0001

We took Rhema to Knoxville for a medical appointment concerning her upcoming surgery.  The trip was amazing and it was wonderful to see many dear friends while there!

Knoxville Trip Ball Oct 2013 SNAG-0001

So many times I felt like I was on auto-pilot while driving around!  LOL!  It was bitter-sweet to see places and people that where so much part of our lives back then.  God is faithful to heal old wounds and I must say, this trip was very enjoyable and healing for me.  We have so much to post about our trip, so get ready folks to see our amazing trip and how much God did for our little family!