Rhema is transferring to another physical therapy group and as a side bonus, we got to take her to the Gulf for the first time!  

For quite some time now I've not been at peace with her therapy and so, we decided to revisit our options for her future therapy needs. Sometimes there is just no explaining the gut feeling you have on things; you just have to follow it out and see if it proves true. 

We appreciate all the previous group did for our girl during her initial time here, but felt like there was something better suited for her that was missing.  After much prayer and scouting, we feel like we've found a better fit.  And if it happens to be ocean adjacent, well, that's a wonderful perk! 🙂 

Rhema loved seeing the ocean: feeling the wind, watching the birds soar over head and talking about all the sights and sounds!

Her daddy hoisted her up on his shoulders for a bird's eye view of everything and she loved every minute of it!

What a blessing to be able to find the perfect fit for her physical therapy needs, plus be able to have a nice few hours with our precious girl in a scenic setting, on the most beautiful, perfect day!  God is so good!