Rhema’s Early Intervention Services invited her to Chuck E Cheese!

Rhema’s first time at Chuck E Cheese’s was a little rocky.  She sort of liked the “Mouse” but not much else.  There was only a hand-full of folks there with us so it was not very crowded which was nice.  She liked to watch from a distance, but the moment she sat on a kiddie ride and it moved or made a noise she began to shake and would say “UP!” and “OUT!” which is code for “get me the heck out of this thing!”

Many of the games/rides were VERY loud which just scared her.  So, we only stayed a little while and tried to talk her through all of the sites and sounds around her.  We watched other kids play, which did help, and she did smile some.  We have several tokens left over that the EI service folks gave us so we will just keep those for a rainy day and visit again in small increments– I think the word is “immersion therapy”. 🙂 My sister reassured me that even her child was scared the first time they visited so that made me feel better.

I must admit, it saddened me to see the other kids all up in the tall play structure and then sliding down the slide….I wish she could do that.    She is two years old and she still struggles to do things that kids 1yrs under can do…. I do not speak of these things often here, but there are some days it really saddens me.  This was one of those days….  Nevertheless,  I encourage myself in the Lord, knowing that He is working in my Rhema’s life and body.  My faith is not shaken, nor is my resolve to continue on the good path she is on with all her therapies.  My prayer is that one day she will be able to run, climb, and crawl all over the rides and play area.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Rhema.  Night, night our dear friends and family who pray.