Horses riding driveway May 2014 SNAG-0006Beautiful Day For A Ride….

Rhema loves to ride!  They rode around the arena and then took one long trek up the driveway and back to enjoy the beautiful sun. Rhema was so funny this ride as she kept rocking forward and backward, like she wanted the horse to run!  When she was finished with her ride, she pointed to another larger horse tied up nearby and said, “I want to ride that big one!”  We all got a big laugh out of this and said maybe when she is bigger she can ride that horse!  LOL!

Swimming sad May 2014 SNAG-0004Such a sad little Rhema….

We finally got her into the water for some aquatic therapy time!  The water was way, way too cold for us, but at least it seemed to warm up after a little while.  Rhema enjoyed it either way and we swam for almost an hour and a half!  Swimming is WONDERFUL exercise for her little legs and I wish I had a way to have her swim like 2-3 times a week.  I’ve even thought of writing Ellen, as I’ve seen that she helps folks in need, and ask her to put a pool in for my little swimming girl!  Who know, I may still do that yet!!!  LOL!!  Rhema is so free in the water and she can go where ever she likes without gravity and her legs slowing her down.  She is very adventurous in the water and when we have to leave she is always sad to have to get out.  One day I hope to have a pool for her, where she can swim when ever she likes, daily even, and get that awesome feeling of freedom (and wonderful exercise) that she so desperately needs and craves.  For now, we will beg, borrow and steal (only if needed–LOL!) pools for her to swim in.