B'ham bed hiding Killian Meeting Dec 2013 SNAG-0001“I’m hiding” she says….

All I said was, “Hey come here and let’s take your medicine….”  LOL!  Yep, Rhema is growing into a big girl and is learning to do “big girl” things.

We are treating her for a UTI and now, poor kid, was running a low-grade fever and sneezing her head off on our drive up to her appts.  It was crazy, her fever seemed to come and go, but the sneezing continued followed by snot shooting out of her nose.  Yuck!  So, the trip was off to a rocky start, but Rhema remained in good spirits and we just had to wipe her nose quite frequently when she sneezed.

B'ham hotel breakfast Killian Meeting Dec 2013 SNAG-0000Breakfast With A View: Rhema enjoyed eating her breakfast at the hotel and watching the moving traffic below.

Rhema’s first appointment with the first surgeon did not go so well.  His approach was identical to what we’ve heard before and then he informed us that he typically did not treat “Mylo” (Mylomenigocele) kids.  We were referred to him, so this was something that we should have been informed of upfront, so it felt like a waste of time.  So, the first day seemed like such a waste of our time, but we are moving forward and that is what is is important.

Rhema’s second appointment, with the other surgeon, was much more promising.  We feel that he had a good plan to address Rhema’s specific, complex feet and was not using the typical, “cookie cutter” approach.  (No pun intended) His technique is completely different than what’s been suggested by others and we feel is spot-on with what we’ve felt and her therapists have said too.  Her real issues are not her legs, rather it’s in her ankles and feet!  There is much discussion yet to be had about this and much research too, but my gut tells me this is our guy.  He will be able to get Rhema’s feet where they need to be so she can get back up and get to walking.  If so, then her surgery will be scheduled during the month of January and she will be casted for close to two months.  I will post more details when I can about this so you guys can understand the procedure and also how to pray for our precious girl!

B'ham drive home Killian Meeting Dec 2013 SNAG-0002Napping on our long drive home….

We want to thank all our prayer warriors for covering us during our appointments.  It’s not over yet, we still have to discuss and be sure we are hearing correctly on this, so keep up the prayers.  Choosing any member of Rhema’s Care/Medical team is something we take seriously.  We are inviting someone into our “family” and saying to that person, we trust you with our very most precious possession –our Rhema.  We are cautious and do not make choices lightly.  Our precious Lord guides us each step of the way; our trust is in Him who knows what is best for Rhema and our job is to hear His heart and be obedient.  Thank you all again for your support and prayers and we will update soon on our decision.