Yes!  Finally!

All week I will hear this tiny, quite voice say, “I want the pool, splash splash in the water…..I want the water…”.  And I will say, “yes, Lord, is that you speaking” and then I realize no, it’s just Rhema talking to me from the back seat or crawling on the floor trying to plant subliminal messages again!  Yes, she is a swimming fanatic!  She will be playing quietly at home or be looking out the window while we are heading to therapy and then she will say, “I want the pool….”  It is so funny!  So, yes, we made it to Aquatic therapy and she got to “swim swim” all she could in the hour!  Rhema is amazing in the water and is really beginning to kick, move her arms and splash more and more each week!  Momma’s going to have to find other opportunities during the week to get my girl in the water!