Rhema ate a better sized portion of some dinner and ate some cookie that was on her tray. We were able to cath her finally and only got the usual 20ml which I think means she is not withholding; all her diapers have been saturated from all the IV fluids. She got a little uncomfortable looking right before her 8pm pain Meds, which is just a Motrin based med, and perked up after it got into her system. Getting her to drop off to sleep was a problem as she just cried about not being able to get up and sit in the rocking chair like we usually do at home and plus she was overly exhausted from being up since 5am. It took her a little while but she finally dropped off and has been sleeping for about 3 hours. I talked the nurse into not taking her blood pressure, which she hates with the hate of 1000 suns, and also would have, most assuredly, woken up my peacefully sleeping Princess. I was cuddled up in the bed with her but remaining on my side, crammed in there was hurting my back so I’m now in the chair. Poor Gida is trying, and not succeeding she tells me, to catch some winks on the couch bed. I pray that they release us to head to the hotel tmw so we can get some sleep in a more comfortable bed. We will have to sleep in shifts.
I’m really not sure how Rhema will do having to remain I her wheel chair. Her favorite thing to do is to crawl all over the beds, so tmw may prove to be a frustrating day for her, poor kid. I’ve got a few ideas on how to occupy her but it’s going to be challenging to say the least.
Please keep her in your prayers for peace, comfort and protection from infection. Pray that tmw mom and I can get some rest so we can make the long drive home. Also pray for creative ideas for us so we can make these next 4 weeks extremely limited mobility not so rough for her. Blessings to you all and we will update in the morning after the doctor makes his rounds.